Beta Open for The Nine Lost Names of Diana Sable

Since October of last year, the bulk of my creative energy and working time has gone into a novel now titled The Nine Lost Names of Diana Sable.

Nine Lost Names is a story about being brought up to do something, and discovering that it is impossible and probably wrong to do. It is about finding revolution from a place of privilege. It is about a world where riddles and clever magic define everything, and the order of the world is falling apart. It is about a slow disaster picking up speed, and the failure of entrenched power to do anything about it. It is Diana’s story, about coming into the power she was raised to and her journey to save her father from the King who Wears the Antler Crown.

Until August 31st, I am inviting beta readers to read and comment on it to help guide my revisions. This beta will run as a single google doc on which readers can comment, so that I can easily review everyone’s notes, and readers can engage with each other as the process proceeds. If you’d like to be part of the beta you can request access via my contact form or email me directly at

I’m really excited about this book, and I hope you will be too.