Curious Pre-orders

Would you like to read the first story I ever published for free? Now you can, at Curious Fictions, where I and many, many other fine authors post their reprints. You'll see more from me there in the future. For now, Incursion is a tale of cosmic horror and shitty teens that originally appeared in the No Shit, There I Was anthology. If you missed it back in 2017, you can read it now, and, if you're so inclined, Curious Fictions lets you tip me, or other authors whose work you enjoy there. Always contribute to the care and feeding of authors, if you can. (Full disclosure: this is the first time I've asked for money directly for my writing. Feels real awkward.)

Another pre-order plug. If you enjoyed Medium Matters last month, or if you didn't, you might be interested in Diabolical Plots, Year Four, which collects twenty-five excellent stories, including mine. Purchasing now will give you a head-start on half of these stories, which won't finish appearing online until March 2019.

I'm still writing, check back here in a few weeks and I'll hopefully have newsletter set up that you can sign up for.