New Site & A Lot in the Pipeline

Hi everyone, check out my snazzy new website. My delightful partner, Mandy put it together. I’m going to try to have at least minor updates here fairly regularly. For now, let me say that I’ve got a lot coming up in the next year or so, and I know when some of it is coming.

My story/advice column “Medium Matters” is up right now at Diabolical Plots. I’ll be in Shards: a Noblebright Fantasy Anthology in October, and presumably continue to be in it after its release, with "On Falcon's Wings," a story about two young people going into the desert to capture a new god for their city. You can pre-order that now. At the beginning of November, my Halloween story, “Farewell Concert at World’s End,” will appear in Pseudopod. There’s lots more coming, but nothing I have firm date for.

You can find links to everything that’s out now or available for pre-order in the Published Elsewhere section, and pretty soon there will be some original pieces in the Exclusive Fiction section. I plan to get some kind of newsletter put together in the next little while, so there should be some kind of sign-up mechanism here for that. This publishing thing is weird y’all. Bear with me.

-R. K.