2018 in Review, with Eligibility and Hope.

With the publication of my last two stories for the year finally arrived and past, it’s time for me to join the avalanche and remind you all about everything I published this year and how you might vote for me in the various awards that genre fiction bestows on itself.

First of all, I am in my second and final year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award for new writers. If you can nominate for that award and you’ve enjoyed my work these past two years, please nominate me, because that would be rad.

If you’d like a reminder about the works I published this year, here they are, by category, all but one are eligible for the Hugo and Nebula awards.

Short Stories

In August, “Medium Matters” was released in Diabolical Plots. “Medium Matters” takes the form of an advice column letter and response. It’s a funny story, about toxic masculinity, stalking, ghosts, and trying to make a living by writing words on the internet.

In October, “On Falcon’s Wings” was released in the Shards anthology. It is a story about love, and change, and sacrifice, and about two young people going far into a demon-haunted wasteland to catch a new god for their city before the old one dies and leaves it open to destruction.

In November, just after Halloween, “Farewell Concert at the World’s End” was released on Pseudopod. “Farewell Concert” is about music, magic, very expensive, undisclosed ticket prices, and justice, in the end. It is one of my favorite stories, and perhaps the finest work I have released this year. The narration and musical additions heighten and improve my work. If you consider only one of my stories for a nomination this year, I recommend this one.

On December 15th, “Sunset Like a Dying Fire” was released on NewMyths.com. “Sunset” is the oldest story I was still submitting at the time it was accepted, it’s first draft dating from the heady days of 2015. It went through a complete rewrite since then, and more submissions than anything else I’ve written. It sold on the 31st outing. “Sunset” has fairies, and elaborately described atmosphere, and hard choices.

Not eligible for any awards, but very much available, here on this website, is one more story “The Event of the Season,” along with a little bit of behind-the-scenes about why it was my ‘always a bridesmaid’ story.


On December 12th, for subscribers, and the 20th for everyone else, “A Circle of Steel and Bone” was released in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. It’s my first release there, but I have three more coming as of this writing. Circle is a historical fantasy/horror story set during the Northern Crusade in 13th century Prussia. It’s the most heavily researched story I’ve written, and I’m very proud of it. It’s got Teutonic knights, monsters in the wood, faith, politics and an excellent final fight.

It’s been an exciting year. 2017 had my first publications, and this year built on that. I broke into a few dream markets, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to share more of the same and more that’s different this year. Thank you, everyone for reading, and I hope to show you even more and even better next year.