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Coming to you earlier than expected, because I wrote the release date down wrong, the shards anthology, which contains my story “On Falcons Wings”, is live and available at a variety of retailers in ebook and paperback. It’s a story about relationships and uncertainty and whether you can keep hold of someone as you both change. It’s also about two young people who have to go out into a demon-haunted wasteland to capture a new god for their city before the old one dies.

The earlier launch means I don’t have all the art my lovely fiance is working on up the site yet, so that will be early November now, along with my next publication.

For now, I’ll leave you with the anthology, a third reprint, Salt Town, available on Curious Fictions, and my optimism for my next big project. I feel like I’m finally ready to do justice to an idea I started working on several years ago, and its going to be a wonderful homage to the smart, magical YA that left me extremely unsettled as a child. As always, watch this space for more of my stories, and please consider signing up for my newsletter below.