A Scare and a Joke

So, as any of you who subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter are likely aware, I had a story, “Farewell Concert at the World’s End,” come out in Pseudopod. That’s a podcast, and the reading and musical additions to the story are really wonderful. The story is about music and murder and a concert with a very special ticket price. It’s worth a listen if you have a commute, or chores to do or just want to take half an hour to relax. Also I wrote it, so that’s cool

That’s the scare, for the joke, I’ve posted my most loved, most rejected short story ever on the site, as well as a bit of behind the scenes talk about the story and it’s career on submission. “The Event of the Season” is essentially a Python style comedy sketch aimed at kitchen-sink fantasy. It’s a good, almost clean, but innuendo filled laugh, and now it’s out here free for you, along with some of my thoughts about why I never sold it, despite all the love it got.

That’s what I have now, but I’m very excited to report that one of my stories is slated to go live at Beneath Ceaseless Skies next month, and another at NewMyths.com. These are stories I’m very excited about getting to show everyone. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll hear about everything I have going on each month or so, and get the first look at pieces I post here.

Thanks for reading,

R. K.