Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I, Also, am Eligible for Awards

Four of my stories were published this year. This is the first year that this has happened. This means that in 2018, I and my works will be eligible for some awards. I am kind of excited about this, everyone. I’m sure everyone who keeps up with authors has seen a bunch of these posts lately, but here’s what I’ve got:

Incursion was my first sale and my first publication, in the No Shit, There I Was anthology. It’s a mythos adjacent story built around an extremely annoying interrogation. If you like frustrated magical cop-equivalents and unreliable stoners, try it out. If you like fun SFF, try out the anthology. At 4,650 words, it’s eligible in the short story category for things like the Hugo and Nebula.

The House of Guan is a story about family and philosophy and the perils of equating financial success with virtue, packed with wuxia action and bad poetry. I wrote it after a week in which I watched both Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and you can tell. It appeared in the May issue of Phantaxis magazine. At 9,400 words, it's eligible in the Novelette category.

The Best Busker in the World is a little fairy story, by which I mean (and always mean) something inspired by the fairy myths of Ireland, England, Scotland, rather than a general European wonder-tale. It has music and longing and the ache of losing a magical place and not knowing how to get back. It appeared in episode 264 of Cast of Wonders, and it is worth a listen just for amazing job Katherine Inskip and Jeremy Carter did telling it. Their work has certainly elevated mine past anything I expected when I wrote it. At 1,700 words The Best Busker in the World is eligible in the short story category.

Salt Town is a story about a witch, and a town with salt walls to keep the monsters out, and the kind of monster that those walls can’t keep out. The idea began with my complete misunderstanding of what the Wieliczka salt mine cathedral looked like, and my imagination ran from there. Salt Town appears in the current issue of Body Parts magazine. At 4,200 words, it is also eligible in the short story category.

Because two of those stories (Incursion and The Best Busker in the World) were bought at a professional pay rate, 2018 will also be my first year of eligibility for the Campbell Award for new writers, so think of me if you liked my stories and are a Worldcon member.

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